The Student Council Executive Team (SCET)

The Student Council Executive Team (SCET) is diligently committed to encouraging student activities throughout the BISJ community; improving student understanding and communication; creating a positive and productive school spirit and encouraging the development of initiative, responsible awareness, citizenship and leadership. The SCET aims to represent the students of BISJ and voice their concerns in the pursuit of having a positive impact on the school environment.

SCET look forward to uniting the Secondary Section Community with the following events:

March – Spirit Week

April – Social Events (provisional- Movie Night and International Dinner)

May – Provisional athletic and creative competitions

Your Student Council Team

President- Norah Tabsh    
Vice president- Jad Abduljawad
Treasurer - Saleh Al Jundi
Publicist - Haneen Abbadi
Secretary - Saif Khashoggi
Co-Publicist/ KS3 Liaison - Haniya Waseem
KS3 Liaison - Sara Mohammad Ali
KS4 Liaison - Hamza Shobokshi
KS5 Liaison - Nour Qardan